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Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga is mostly suggested to Pregnant Women, and if you’re also in this beautiful phase of Pregnancy, you might be thinking.

Is Yoga Good for Pregnancy? What Yoga to do during Pregnancy?

To be very straightforward, I will say that “YES” Yoga is extremely beneficial during Pregnancy, and in fact, every pregnant woman should practice Yoga during their Pregnancy. It isn’t just beneficial for the mother but also for the child. Prenatal exercise has its main focus on breathing exercises and gentle stretching. All this Yoga will make your body flexible and also helps mom to be prepared for the labor.

Rather than yourself starting the Yoga poses at home, you should practice Yoga under the supervision of a Yoga teacher because it is a very vulnerable situation for every pregnant situation to practice any exercise.

So let’s Begin!

What is Prenatal Yoga?

This is pregnancy yoga for beginners. Considering all the mood swings and up&downs during this pregnancy phase is specially made for these pregnant women. In all these mood swings, it is essential to maintain balance like physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All the poses in this specific kind of Yoga are safe for you, and in fact, it prepares you for your labor.

If you used not to practice Yoga in pregnancy in your daily routine before Pregnancy, it would be better if you consult your doctor (gynecologist) and understand what yoga is safe during pregnancy.

5- Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy:

#1 Goddess Pose

#1 Goddess Pose Yoga4life

You can do this exercise to strengthen your legs and pelvic floor. It also helps in the hip opening, which eventually helps in the birth process. Whether to take support or not completely depends upon you and your body’s flexibility.

#2 Cat Stretch

#2 Cat Stretch Yoga4life

This is one of the best asanas to give an appropriate stretch to your neck and shoulder. Your back is supposed to handle more weight as you come closer to your delivery, and this where this pose helps by making your spine more flexible. This also helps tone the abdominal region, increases blood circulation, and keeps your reproductive parts well nourished.

#3 Butterfly Pose

#3 Butterfly Pose Yoga4life

This mainly works in the hips & groin area and makes them as flexible as possible. This will provide the needed stretch to your thighs & knees and relieves the pain if you practice this pose during the entire period of Pregnancy, so you’ll have a smooth delivery.

#4 Downward-Facing Dog Against a Wall

#4 Downward Facing Dog Against A Wall Yoga4life

This releases a great amount of tension from the upper back & shoulder and opens up the sacrum and lower back. It is highly recommended that you use a wall to keep your head elevated if you face any heartburn. You can even put your hands on the wall in the initial stages rather than putting them on the floor.

#5 Corpse Pose

#5 Corpse Pose Yoga4life

This helps in the most important things. Firstly it heals the stress and maintains your mental peace. This gives your body the relaxation that your body needs and repairs cells. In short, it helps in self-healing, which is essential in this period.

# Some Unbelievable But Helpful Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

This is a very good ritual you should follow in this phase. This will keep you feeling energetic and helps you to have mindfulness in this entire period of 9 months. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits it can give you: 

  • Supports your changing body: In this entire pregnancy period, our body’s growth takes a considerable pace, and this is where this Yoga helps your body be more adaptable. A belly you have needs more good support with each passing day, and this prenatal Yoga eases this process. 

  • Tones important muscle groups: Yoga helps you to tone those physical areas, especially which is more considerable during the birthing process, such as the pelvic floor, hips, abdominal core muscles, etc. You’re going to face a lot of aches & pains in this period, and here, these yoga poses are going to help you relieve such pains. And in fact, the best part of these yoga poses is that they will help you to normalize all the conditions very soon after the delivery. 

  • Prepares for Labor & Delivery: The most important lesson all experts teach is that you should believe in your mind that your body will open up, and there should not be even a tinge of space left for any fear. All these poses will develop a kind of calmness in yourself, and this is what you will need the most at the time of delivery. Doing breathing exercises makes you so effortless that you find yourself in the zone of a “mammalian place” where you know how to give birth. 

  • Set up a better connection with your baby: Taking out time in a day for all the yoga classes helps you remind yourself that you’re going to give birth to a new member. Since you’re doing all these exercises/poses for your baby’s health as well, it develops your care towards them

  • Don’t let common pregnancy problems happen: Lower back pains, insomnia, shortness of breath, headaches, etc., are the actual common problems that you often face in this period. And this prenatal Yoga can be proven as a cure for it. This provides more oxygen to your baby as well. It is also proven in research that if you practice any exercise that helps you in breathing and physical level simultaneously, you’ll sort out each uncomfortable aspect of your Pregnancy. 

Gives you a healthier pregnancy: You won’t hesitate to digest that a healthy mom gives birth to a healthy baby. A 2012 study has proven that women who do Yoga daily are likely to have a baby with no such issues.


These things we’ve mentioned in this article have helped so many pregnant women in their phase and made their delivery successful without any effort. 

We hope all these five pregnancy yoga poses and extra information will also be helpful for you in your Pregnancy.

Follow all the guidelines in the article and also remember what not to do in this phase. 

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before proceeding further.

And, all the very best for your completely new experience!

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