Handmade Tibetan Full Moon Singing Bowl

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The vibrations created by a singing bowl benefit the body by reducing stress, positively affecting the nervous and immune systems, combating depression, and balancing the chakras.Widely used for chakra healing, crystal clearing, mindfulness, creative thinking, soothing music & well-being.

Material: Copper Body and Sheepskin Hand Hammer and Cotton Bowl Mat
Production process: hand forging and engraving
Size: Please refer to the product size chart picture
small: 10cm × 6cm (3.94in × 2.36in ) , weight: 410g(0.9lb)
Large: 20cm × 10cm (7.9in × 4in ) , weight: 1500g(3.3lb)

Package Included:
1 x Singing Bowl
1 x Sheepskin Hand Mallet
1 x Bowl Mat

The full moon Singing Bowl, also a kind of yoga, is a kind of low-pitched sound that is like a bell, which can make people quickly relax into peace.
The full moon is very precious, only on the full moon every month, and it is made on a full moon without strong winds and dark clouds.
There are seven craftsmen over 40 years old who take turns in seven directions and hammer them in sequence.
There must be no sequence errors in the middle. Otherwise, they will be invalidated and must be repeated.
The material is seven metals (gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, mercury), and the ratio is a secret.

1. Each singing bowl set is hand selected & inspected to ensure the best sound and quality before shipping.
2. Wonderful tone EASY to Play & Long Lasting Healing and Relaxing Sound,Produce energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress free relaxation.
3. These singing bowls has been used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy and chakra creation etc. for generations.

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